Hello everone,

Brill news!

CHANGEOVER launches SOUND SOUND – gigs and more from Austria and “the rest of the world”!

First SOUND SOUND Event is at Quentin in Vienna. Wanna get more info? Please just click  here.

Please note: Starts at 8 p.m.

Entry: Donation

See youse there, CHANGEOVER:)


CHANGEOVER – With a big support from my friends

Dear people,

Great news! After years of having CHANGEOVER alone on my shoulders, I am going to get support now and then!

Babl Joachim and Laura Rafetseder will help and support to connect more people and more forms of art when they play a gig as well!

Info JOWA (Babl Joachim)

Info Laura Rafetseder (Laura Rafetseder)

There are going to me more exciting events and great stuff!

Thanks a lot!

Keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground and flood your heart with music!

Love, peace and music, Nadia/CHANGEOVER:)

CHANGEOVER launches new event@Monami

Lacht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht! New event at Monami in Vienna!

In May 2014 CHANGEOVER launched the first satire and “comedy” night at Monami in Vienna. “Lacht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht!”

It was a great evening with Guggi Hofbauer, Florian Narratio and Nadia Baha (a.k.a. CHANGEOVER mastermind;)).

LKWEKM Monami Mai 2014

Pic by Angela B.( Thank you!

Many thanks to Monami, Guggi, Florian and everyone who came!

Look out for more news … the next event will be in fall … September or October!

See you then! And keep on laughing!

LKWEKM Info Flyer Ab Mai 2014