Lou Walter (Singer-Songwriter, “Comedy”,  AT)


Pic – Armin Mösinger

Quirky, little stories about all varieties of existence!

Enjoy Lou Walter!


Harald Pomper (Singer-Songwriter, Protest, AT)

Pic – Sylvia Grössswang

Harald Pomper is not only  a satirist, but also  a musician. His acerbic wit and view of the world make special songs. Sometimes he plays song of musicians he likes and admires, such as Boby Dylan, Neil Young or Janis Japlin.



Alex Anders. (Music & more, AT)

Pic  – Max Berner

Alex Anders. roams the road to creative weirdness: Singer-songwriter, performance and satire.
Sometimes his good mates Jazzika, the guinea pig and  Li’l Anders – his spitting image, a hand puppet help him to keep going. Really remarkable!



Inbetween  Punk and Indie.

Between the front lines and the lines.

German lyrics – euphoria meets criticism. 

Standing for something – tongue-in-cheek.


Pic – Harald Leitner






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